Interlagos Sprint Market Introduction

West Chester, PA- April 28, 2017 – Altus Spine, a leader in the development and innovation of medical devices used in spinal correction surgery, announces the market introduction of the Interlagos Sprint Retractor System.  The Interlagos Sprint Retractor System is a pedicle based lumbar access system designed to support MIS TLIF surgeries.  Working in concert with the Valencia MIS Pedicle Screw System, the Interlagos Sprint Retractor provides full adjustment control, making it highly versatile for MIS fusion procedures.

Michael Fitzgerald, President and CEO, states “Altus listened to the clinical needs of surgeons and developed this MIS retractor in response.  The sole goal of the product is to allow surgeons to perform effective, less traumatic procedures…and initial feedback suggests that the retractor does just that.”

 “The Sprint Retractor provides me an excellent exposure to safely perform Minimally Invasive TLIFs with minimal soft tissue disruption,” says Dr. Aaron Buckland, Director of Spine Research and Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at NYU Langone. “The simplicity of the retractor’s design and modularity reduces burden for my OR staff to assemble, reduces unnecessary instrument processing and reduces OR time.”

The Interlagos Sprint Retractor patient mounts via pre-placed Valencia MIS Pedicle Screws and provides variable adjustment to accommodate a wide range of patient depths.  The medial blades are offered in 55mm through 95mm lengths, and both narrow and wide size options.  All retractor arms provide both translation and distal toe adjustments such that the surgeon can fine tune the surgical access corridor and perform pedicular distraction as needed.

Interlagos Sprint Retractor System

The Altus Spine Interlagos Retractor System is a surgical approach system.  It aids in gaining access to the disc space and is designed for needs of various indications and/or surgical techniques.


The Altus Spine Interlagos Sprint Retractor System is intended to provide surgical access to the thoracic and lumbar spine from a posterior and posterior lateral approach.  It helps in gaining access to the disc space and is designed for needs of various indications and/or surgical techniques

Altus Spine

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