Altus Spine is honoring key historical highlights that allow us to continue to serve you with Quality, Speed and Safety:

April 2017                New Product Release: Interlagos Sprint Retractor System

March 2017              510(k) Clearance: Silverstone Titanium IBF System

February 2017          510(k) Clearance: Fuji Cervical Plate System

January 2017            510(k) Clearance: Silverstone IBF System and Imola IBF System

October 2016            New Product Release: Interlagos Sprint MIS Retractor

August 2016              Lateral Access Patent #9,408,598 Granted

December 2015          New Product Release: Interlagos MIS Retractor

September 2014         Groundbreaking of New Altus Spine Headquarters

November 2013          New Product Release: Silverstone-T IBF System

November 2013          510(k) Clearance: Valencia Dual Lead Pedicle Screw System

June 2013                 New Product Release: Valencia MIS Flex Tab Pedicle Screw System

May 2013                  New Product Release: Large Footprint Suzuka IBF System

April 2013                  New Product Release: Valencia Cannulated Option Pedicle Screw System

November 2012          New Product Release: Valencia Pedicle System

December 2011          New Product Release: Silverstone IBF System

May 2nd 2011             Altus Spine’s 1st Surgery

May 2011                  Legacy Product Releases: Monza Cervical, PSS, Suzuka IBF

April 1st 2011             Birth of Altus Spine