Monza Cervical Plate System

Monza Cervical Plate System

The Altus Spine Monza Cervical Plate System’s self-locking design offers
both visual and tactile feedback once fully seated and locked. Given its highly innovative plate geometry and profiling, the plate remains low profile, yet versatile enough to address all cervical plating situations. The system’s screw options enable multiple configurations to address most anatomies and surgeon needs. This expanded capability is further enhanced through an advanced screw thread form, which optimizes the bone screw interface and related pullout strength.

The screws allow surgeons to create a rigid, semi-constrained or hybrid cervical plate construct all within a single system.


Integrated, Self-Locking
  • Self-aligning and self-locking integrated features
  • Advanced one-step screw-lock mechanism (no need for secondary locking mechanism)
  • +/- 10° superior-inferior and 7°+/- 6° medial screw angulation

Contoured, Low Profile Construct (durability & fatigue strength)

Simplified Instrumentation

Surgical procedure can be performed with as few as 3 system specific instruments

  • Innovative instruments, including a trocar drill (compacts bone) and screw extractor
  • Trocar Drill can function as a Plate Holder
Product Offerings
  • Pre-lordosed, small-stature cervical plates available in lengths 18mm to 89mm for 1 to 4 level fusions
  • Self-Drilling and Self-Tapping screws available in 4.0mm and 4.35mm diameters in lengths from 12mm to 18mm for hybrid construct applications
  •  Temporary Fixation pins provided as standard offering